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VertVivant® - Living Green Cotton and Canvas shopper totes are the ideal base for ethical, eco friendly printed promotional bags.

Whether it is the simple Calico Shopper or the Organic Canvas Anytime Shopper  there is a bag with a price and a style to suit every need and budget.

All are ethically sourced and available in unbleached,recycled or organic cotton.

If the size that you need is not shown here do please get in touch as we always have the possibility to source bespoke sizes.

Please note that in this area of our site the bags are sold in packs of 10 bags and all prices shown are for 10bags

VertVivant - Living Green - Cotton Shopper Tote
VertVivant - Living Green - Organic Cotton Calico Shopper with Gusset
VertVivant - Living Green - Coloured Cotton Calico Shopper
from £15.00
VertVivant - Living Green - Organic Cotton Canvas Super Shopper
VertVivant - Living Green -AnyDay Shopper