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About us

At Bags2Keep we have fairly simple and straightforward concepts and philosophies. 
We are about top class, environmentally friendly, ethically sourced products coupled with top notch service. 
Our company can be summed up by just a few straight forward points of fact about us.

Our Products

We offer a range of stylish, cost effective, ethically sourced but practical reusable shopping bags. 
As well as being stylish,practical and good quality they are all a real alternative to throw away bags, plastic or otherwise.

Our Guiding Policies

All materials used are sourced in the most eco aware manner possible.
All manufacturing processes used are as environmentally friendly as is feasible. 
All staff in our partner factories are treated with respect and fairness and the owners/managers work to the ETI Base Code as a minimum standard.
Wherever possible we encourage the use of Organically produced material.
We support and engage in the fairtrade principle.

Our Promise 
We will do our utmost to maintain our guiding policies.
We will deal with every order promptly and efficiently. 
If there are problems or queries of any kind we will deal with them quickly and fairly.
Service guaranteed - quality guaranteed. That's our pledge.

It's Good2Keep and it doesn't cost the Earth