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Wednesday 12th January 2011
The Future is Organic????

The future is Organic????

How often are we asked Organic cotton products or Fairtrade cotton products??.

Very often and the obvious answer is both but with budgets usually stretched to and beyond breaking point Organic Fairtrade cotton is normally a step too far.

Sorry to admit that in this situation we, all too often, become the classic "on the one hand on the other hand" counsel.

So, and without any sense of irony, on the one hand -organic - the choice is for the environment and all of humanity and on the other hand - Fairtrade - the choice is for those few primary producers (farmers) who are growing crops under the Fairtrade banner and who are being paid a few pennies more for doing it.

In this blog let's look at Organic cotton and deal with the other hand in a future blog.

Cotton is a very important crop accounting for 2.5% of the worlds cultivated land and for 40% of overall fibre consumption but it can be, and often is, a very "dirty" crop.

It is a "dirty" crop because it uses approx 15% of the world's insecticides as well as huge amounts of pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers or in other words more chemicals per production unit than any other crop.

The Environmental Justice Foundation who have excellent information at  estimates that it is responsible for 1mill and 5mill poisonings per year.

That's a tiny snap shot of the bad bit - much much more on the EJF website - but there is an alternative and that alternative is Organic cotton.

Organic Cotton - The no chemical, no poisoning solution.

Currently only 0.15% of the world's cotton is organic cotton and so there is massive scope for growth.

Organic cotton does not use any pesticides, insecticides or fertiliser in cultivation other than organic fertilisers. As a consequence it also uses much less water.

The scouring, washing, cleaning and yarn dyeing process is also chemical free so from beginning to end the harmful bits are eliminated.

To come back to the original question and the thought for a future blog,

Fairtrade will help a few people but Organic will help everyone.

Given a choice we would prefer to sell only Organic cotton but we have to recognise clients right to choice and budget but we would say first think organic, then cost organic and when budgets allow buy organic.

The extra cost is a very small price to pay for the Earth's future. Living green need not cost the earth.



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2011/01/12 - The Future is Organic????